Emergency Response

Consistent with the Avalon Aviation Emergency Response – we are able to render on-site medical aid, in the event of a flight mishap and ensure that all possible assistance be rendered. Avalon Aviation has contracted NETCARE 911 to be on call for:

  • 24 hour medical advice line
  • Respond by road or air ambulance to the scene of the incident
  • Transfer injured persons to the closest, most appropriate medical facility
  • Provide in-flight telemedicine and flight diversion management
  • Transportation of emergency blood or medication
  • Care for minors and next-of-kin

This service is provided for the continent of Africa. Avalon Aviation integrates with its corporate clients hierarchical system to manage any flight mishap. The client is kept fully up to date on any emergency situation. Avalon Aviation also facilitates, in conjunction with its corporate clients, the management of next of kin, press releases etc.

Avalon Aviation integrates with the South African Aeronautical Rescue Co-Ordination Centre in Johannesburg to assist with any emergency experienced by an air charter facilitated by Avalon Aviation.